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Nordelettronica Products

 Here are some of the parts that are either still available from the Nordelettronica factory or already have a manufacturer recommended equivalent/replacement part. There are many other parts available so if you cant see your particular part number or a picture of your part on this page then please do call, email or fill in the online form by popping over to the CONTACT US page and check for availability/pricing. 

If you are sure of the part you need then please do just visit our shop andplace your order. 

Just quote your part number and what you'd like to know and we will be happy to help. If you're unsure of your part number have a look at the bottom of this page to see how to find it.......

NE287 Battery Charger


The Charger to Replace All Chargers.......

 ​This is the new NE287 battery charger from Nordelettronica. 

This fantastic charger has been designed to replace any Nordelettronica charger fitted in any caravan or motorhome that needs replacing. It is a 3 stage intelligent charger capable of any application up to 21Amps. 

We always aim to have stock of this part so please do call for pricing and availability or visit Ebay or the Online Shop to get yours today!

Finding your Part Number


An Essential Part of Getting You What You Need!

Below is a list of part numbers of Nordelettronica parts that are in circulation in the UK, please do get in touch if you require a replacement for any of the below and we can find out from the factory if they are still available for you. You can find the relevant part number you need by looking on your unit for a small white sticker like the one to the left of this page and look for the number with 2 decimal points (circled in red) :

1432.183.02  1432.183.03  1432.183.04  1432.189.01  1432.189.02  1432.190.01  1432.184.02  

1432.200.02  1432.200.04  1432.205.01  1432.205.02  1432.204.02  1848.274.02  1764.293.01  

84.0060.040  1601.196.01  1764.185.02   000.400.70    000.198.01    000.143.09    1347.000.02     

 000.400.21   1601.287.01  1601.287.02  1433.129.01  1350.152.01  1432.209.01  1350.101.03    

1350.268.01  1432.221.02  1432.131.01  1265.310.01  1432.222.01  1460.237.02  1433.100.01    

1350.129.01  1432.007.01  1432.007.02  1432.007.03  1432.143.03  1432.143.04  1432.143.05    

1432.171.02  1432.180.01  1432.183.01  1432.205.03  1432.206.05  1432.206.07  1466.129.01




New in 2018 to Delta Conversions is our range of DC-AC modified Sinewave Inverters! 

Please take a look below at these great products and get in touch on the CONTACT US page for any more information you might need.



 12v/24v - 200 w 

Weight: 365g 

Dimensions:  ​14.5cm x 7.6cm x 5.4cm

£27.60 (inc VAT & Delivery) 



12v/24v - 300 w 

Weight: 650g

Dimensions: ​18.5cm x 10.8cm x 6.2cm

£30.00 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 600 w 

Weight: 890g 

Dimensions:  ​22.6cm x 10.8cm x 6.2cm

£63.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 1000 w 

Weight: 2480g 

Dimensions:  ​27.5cm x 20.5cm x 7.8cm

£135.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 2000 w 

Weight: 4900g 

Dimensions:  ​34cm x 23cm x 10.8cm

£213.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 3000 w 

Weight: 6200g 

Dimensions:  ​48cm x 23cm x 10.8cm 

£393.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 4000 w 

Weight: 8150g 

Dimensions:  ​52cm x 23cm x 10.8cm 

£609.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)  



12v/24v - 5000 w 

Weight: 8600g 

Dimensions:  ​52cm x 23cm x 10.8cm 

£765.60 (inc VAT & Delivery)