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Power Conversion Kit

This kit was designed as a group of Nordelettronica components that would work well together as a full system for both 12v and 240v power that could be used and installed for anyone converting any van into a day-van or motorhome style vehicle. The kit includes a 12v fuse board (with built in split charging function for vans without a stop/start feature), a 240v mains fuse board, a multi-functional control panel, a shallow water tank level sensor and a 21 amp battery charger.   

Configuring your kit

Battery Charger


 NE287 - 21 Amp Battery Charger.

The best and only charger that Nordelettronica make.

12v Fuse Board


Choose between the larger NE196 or the smaller, flush mounted NE185, both come with all the connectors and pins needed. 

Control Panel


Choose Between the NE293 or the larger NE274, both come with the data cable that connects it to the fuse board. 

Water Level Sensor


Designed for shallow tanks (deep tank option availbable) and comes with the signal cable to connect it to the fuse board. 

230v Fuse Box


 NE198 230v fusebox for your 

hook-up connection.

Kit Complete


Everything you need to install both 12v and 230v power in your van conversion! 

Conversion kit INFO & Pricing guide

 With your choice of 12v fuse board and control panel, the price of the kit can change, so click the button 

below for a guide of how much each part of the kits costs and the options available.

A basic wiring diagram and installation guide can be found on the DOWNLOADS page.

Please do give us a call, email or fill out the enquiry form on the CONTACT US page for more details.

Islanded 12v Power and Split Charging System for Van Conversions Not Equipped with Stop (docx)