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 Nordelettronica was established in Italy in 1978 and has always been focused on electronic equipment for the RV sector from battery chargers for camper vans and low-voltage distribution modules to electrical wiring and control panels.

Research, design and manufacturing activities are all performed in-house which means considerable flexibility is available for product adaptations allowing customers to make alterations as per their real needs. 

Having been re-organised in 2011 with the introduction of new partners, Nordelettronica has gained new momentum and the company's annual  turnover has risen from €5.5million to €10.5 million over the past seven years.


Direct exports represent 30% of all sales, with 70% of products sold to Italian companies, which in turn export at least half of their production results, thus making Nordelettronica a great success not only in Italy but throughout the world.

 Outside of the caravanning sector, Nordelettronica produces wound components for industrial electronics, i.e. switching and power transformers. Production has also focused on the industrial cleaning sector (mainly floor cleaning machines). 

Not many people know that Nordelettronica also design and manufacture their own industrial battery chargers for industry applications such as cleaning and lifting equipment, working with great companies like Numatic and Packline.

They also design and manufacture wiring looms for similar industrial uses and also the leisure & automotive market too.

 Also, new to 2018, Nordelettronica now design and manufacture wiring looms in the world of motorsport.

They are a direct supplier to Radical Sportscars, providing top quality product into this demanding, specialist and high performance market.